Constitutions and Meeting Minutes


Constitutions and Committee Meeting Minutes

Meetings of the entire Corporation take place on a regular basis. The Clerk can provide information on dates of forthcoming meetings on request.

Draft agendas are normally drawn up three weeks in advance of the meeting, but are subject to revisions up to the point when papers are circulated to members. Details of meeting agendas are also available via the Clerk.

Admission to the meetings is limited, with non-members being admitted only by invitation of the Chair of the Corporation or Committee, subject to the agreement of a majority of the members who are in attendance at the meeting.

Papers for meetings are generally available for inspection at the College although some papers are withheld from publication if they relate to:

  • Any name person employed at, or proposed to be employed at, Boston College.
  • Any person employed at, or proposed to be employed at. Boston College who despite not being named could be identified through other associated information.
  • A named student, or candidate for admission to Boston College.
  • Commercial, marketing, forecasting and planning information likely to be of use to competitor organisations.
  • Commercial information likely to compromise Boston College's relationship with its clients.
  • Commercial information which if released could compromise Boston College's ability to negotiate with third parties.
  • Information concerning re-organisation within Boston College other than that which is approved by the Corporation to be made available to the staff of Boston College.
  • Any other matter which, by reason of its nature, the Corporation is satisfied should be dealt with on a confidential basis.

Each year the Corporation reviews the status of documents which have been treated as confidential to decide whether they should still be treated as such.


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