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Boston College offers a different learning and social environment to school. During you son/daughter/ward's time at College they will become more independent and confident, preparing them for that next step. The College asked parents of current students their thought and opinions about Boston College

"Boston College is excellent. The lecturers have brought back my sons confidence and he has gaining higher grades compared to those achieved at school."

"The support my son receives from the staffs at Boston College is fantastic."

"My daughter has been made to feel very welcome at Boston College. She is the happiest we have seen her for several years."

"I would like to thank my son's lecturers, since being at College he has become more responsible and his work has improved 100% on his work."

"My daughter has settled in extremely well at Boston College and has said that she would happily attend every day if she could."

"We are very pleased with the support and the course that our son is studying at Boston College. This is his third year and he is enjoying college and is gaining knowledge and life skills that will help him in future."

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