Boston College has designed this website with accessibility guidelines in mind - the website works towards complying with the priorities as define as W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines. Improvements will be made continually to meet these guidelines. 

Some of the ways Boston College have made this website accessible include:

  • Pages designed to be viewed at a screen resolution of 800x600 pixels.
  • Standard Open page layout using header elements to aid usability
  • Web friendly font and text size
  • Easy to view colours
  • No information is exclusively conveyed using colour.

Changing Text Size

Internet Explorer
1. Select the 'View' or by pressing 'Alt' and 'V'

2. Select the 'Text Size' option

3. Choose your preferred text size

1. Select the 'View' menu by pressing 'Alt' and 'V'

2. Select the 'Text Size' option

3. Increase or decrease the text size

Alternatively. You can press 'Ctrl' and '+' to increase the text size, 'Ctrl' and '-' to decrease the text size. 'Ctrl' and '0' returns you to the default 'normal' size.

1. Select the 'View' menu

2. Select 'Make Text Bigger' or 'Make Text Smaller'

1. Select the 'View' menu

2. Select 'Zoom'

Screen Resolution

You can also change your computer's screen resolution, which will allow you to make the whole screen larger or smaller:


Select Start, Control Panel, Display, Settings

Apple Macintosh

Select System Preferences, Displays, Resolution

You can download our course guide