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What Our Students Say...

"The support given at Boston College is WONDERFUL! They have driven me to thrive on challenge and believe in myself. I have achieved grades I never though possible." - CHARLOTTE, Education Studies


"I would like to progress higher at my workplace and the University Level course is helping me to develop the skills to do this." - LEWIS, Business


"The lecturers teach you how to work in a professional environment, making sure that you are prepared to work independently when going into a career in the industry." - ELINA, Creative Arts (Media and Film)


"The course gave me invaluable life skills including being able to manage my time more efficiently, especially with working and bringing up a family at the same time as studying." - STACEY, Education Studies


"Choosing Boston College was the best decision I ever made, I have progressed from Level 3 right through to Level 6 so my knowledge, understanding and experience has increased every year." - CAITLIN, Sport, Fitness and Wellbeing


Make the next success story yours! Hear more from our University Level Student below...

Boston College Student Case Study - Sport SF

Steven Fulcher

I currently fit the course around my family life and part time job as a PE assistant. The lecturers are really helpful and are always available if I need any support.

Boston College Student Case Study - Sport CS

Caitlin Smart

The groups we learn in are quite small compared to university and everyone knows each other which makes learning a lot more personal.

Boston College Student Case Study - Teaching - BP

Brandon Pontin

Being able to work and study has also given me the opportunity to take on extra responsibility within my setting and the skills from College have helped me achieve this.

Meeting our University Level Students - KA

Katie Arnott

“The course fees are significantly lower than university”


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