Meet our University Level Students

What Our Students Say...

"The support given at Boston College is WONDERFUL! They have driven me to thrive on challenge and believe in myself. I have achieved grades I never though possible." - CHARLOTTE, Education Studies


"I would like to progress higher at my workplace and the University Level course is helping me to develop the skills to do this." - LEWIS, Business


"The lecturers teach you how to work in a professional environment, making sure that you are prepared to work independently when going into a career in the industry." - ELINA, Creative Arts (Media and Film)


"The course gave me invaluable life skills including being able to manage my time more efficiently, especially with working and bringing up a family at the same time as studying." - STACEY, Education Studies


"Choosing Boston College was the best decision I ever made, I have progressed from Level 3 right through to Level 6 so my knowledge, understanding and experience has increased every year." - CAITLIN, Sport, Fitness and Wellbeing


Make the next success story yours! Hear more from our University Level Student below...

Meet our University Level Students - RP

Rhianne Purcell

“I could tailor my course to suit my own personal style”

Meet our University Level Students - KM

Khayman Moore

“The facilities are also fantastic at the Sam Newsom Centre”

Meet our University Level Students - JE

Josh Elvin

“I have recently been applying for script-writing jobs around the country and internationally”

Meet our University Level Students - JU

Jane Upsall

“The course has opened so many doors”


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