Student Support

Boston College has a huge range of support services available to you, and your young person to ensure they receive the support they need to achieve their goals, and more importantly enjoy College life.

Learner Services Team

Boston College's Learner Services Team is a friendly network of support to help your young person get to where they want to be.

For full information on the Support Services available, please visit the 'Student Support' page.

Additional Learning Support

Boston College provides support to many students with a range of individual needs. Whether your young person requires personal care, one-to-one support in class, exam access arrangements or mentoring, the College has staff who will help them enjoy your time at the College and achieve their true potential.

There are several ways to identify the support learners with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) require. This may be through liaison with the Local Authority for those with an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP) or through attendance at their end of year school review.

For those learners without an EHCP who require academic/emotional support, please let the College know about any difficulties they may have on their application form, or discuss their support needs at their interview on enrolment day. There are also opportunities for learners or parents to self-refer at any point during the course.

Boston College is committed to meeting the SEND agenda, and works closely with Local Authorities to ensure the needs of young people with EHCPs are met.

Support for Children in Care

The College aims to support children in care through regular meetings with Learning Support Officers, offering financial support, liaison with external agencies and academic staff.

We have a designated contact for Children in Care who is available to meet before enrolling at the College for advice, information and discussion meetings. For more information on how Boston College supports Children in Care, please read 'Looked After Learners at Boston College'

Support for Care Leavers

Boston College recognises that young adults who are classed as care leaves may require additional support whilst undertaking study programmes at College. Regular meetings are available with Learner Support Officers to discuss financial, personal or academic issues.

Health and Wellbeing

From time to time, we understand that students may find themselves under pressure or finding it difficult to cope. Whatever problems they may be having, Boston College's team of counsellors are on hand to help. Common reasons to visit counsellors include depression, anxiety, panic attacks, self-esteem issues and relationship problems.

ThisΒ FREE confidential service is available to all Boston College students, please email for this.

Careers Advice and Guidance

Is your young person unsure in which direction to go? Boston College's Matrix accredited Careers Team are on hand to help them make the right choice. For more information on our Career Advisers, visit our 'Careers Advice and Guidance' page or email

Useful links

For more information on the facilities available to your young person at Boston College, including the library, where to eat at College, and how to get involved, visit the 'Student Life' page.

You can download our course guide