Opening September 2025

Boston College's new bespoke learning centre for young people and adults. 

The Mayflower reimages the visual concept of a FE College, where botanical gardens will provide a haven from the elements and where the whole community will be able to find sanctuary, hope and future prosperity. The unique learning environment will include higher education, aimed at being inclusive, as well as enabling businesses and learners to connect, create and innovate together.

Alongside higher education, the open, welcoming and nature-filled Mayflower, will provide spaces for voluntary services, careers advice, health and wellbeing support, and opportunities for skills development. The flagship build will also be an instrumental contribution for the town’s economic relaunch, tackling low aspirations and skills gaps through pioneering living and learning spaces enabling digital upskilling.

As part of the Boston Town Deal, the government approved Town Deal funding of £9.9million for the Mayflower, with the College committing to provide £725,000 in capital co-funding and £5,546,000 in revenue costs over five years.


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