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Boston College > Campuses and Facilities

Campuses and Facilities

Other areas of Boston


Rochford Campus

The Rochford Campus on Skirbeck Road in Boston is the largest college site. The Halls of Residence, Boston College: Sixth, Boston College: Ingelow Centre, Goodliffe Centre and the Boston College: University Centre can be found here

What you'll find here

  • Accommodation
  • Style Academy boston
  • Ingelow centre
  • Swimming pool and gym
  • Lime restaurant
  • The enterprise zone
  • Sixth
  • University centre

Boston College Spalding

Boston College Spalding, is our centre in the heart of Spalding. It has been specially designed to accommodate top of the range teaching facilities, in a state of the art environment.

What you'll find here

  • Boston College Spalding
  • Red Lion Quarter
  • Style Academy Spalding

Sam Newsom Centre

Boston College's newly refurbished Sam Newsom Centre is a dedicated Music and Performing Arts building, named after Ambrose William 'Sam' Newsom, a former County Education Officer for Holland County Council.

What you'll find here

  • Ademicca Records

Peter Paine Performance Centre

Boston College's Peter Paine Sports Centre offers sports facilities for the general public, local sports clubs and our Sport students

What you'll find here

  • BC Dance Academy