Interior Designers

Interior designers plan, direct and undertake the creation of designs for interior spaces, procure materials and oversee implementation of the plans.

Entry Reqirements

Honours, Bachelor's degree

Typical Tasks

  • Ensures building and safety regulations are adhered to.
  • Hires staff and oversees project progress.
  • Sources fixtures, furniture and other necessary materials.
  • Establishes estimated costs, specifies materials and provides detailed drawing of the agreed design.
  • Advises on colours and the materials to be used,.
  • Prepares designs to meet the client's needs and draws up sketches for consideration by the client.
  • Liaises with client to determine the purpose, cost, and scope of the project, which may include the entire building or one room such as the kitchen or bathroom.

Desired Skills

Active Learning, Speaking, Reading Comprehension, Critical Thinking, Writing, Mathematics, Monitoring, Active Listening, Learning Strategies, Science

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