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First of its Kind Industrial Training Robot Arrives at College’s IOT

Boston College will shortly be taking delivery of the very first of its kind industrial training robot, this advanced piece of robotics will based with the College’s EMAT Centre as part of the new Institute of Technology.

The IRB 1100, is the smallest and lightest robot ever created by pioneering robotics company, ABB Robotics, and serves as a solution to small part assembly. The device was designed to meet the challenges of the electronics and pharmaceutics manufactures and has since been adapted by leading design and manufacturing company, Pelican Control Systems Ltd to be used as a training tool for those students based within the College’s EMAT Centre.

The development of IRB 1100 will allow industry standard training to take place within the classroom, providing those Level 3, 4 and 5 Engineering students the opportunity to learn key skills and knowledge, which can then be transferred directly into the workplace – a major advantage to those employers looking to recruit and develop their workforce on the journey towards Industry 4.0.

Richard Chambers, Head of Projects, said, “The addition of this industry leading equipment not only provides the learners at the College the opportunity to be trained to use the latest technology. It also demonstrates the commitment of the College in providing the resources required to prepare learners for their future employment.”

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Images and video by ABB Robotics.

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