Veterinary Nurses

Veterinary nurses provide assistance to veterinarians in the treatment and care of sick or injured animals.

Entry Reqirements

Level 3 NVQ; A Levels

Typical Tasks

  • Advises clients on preventative medicine to maintain appropriate animal health and welfare.
  • Maintains the biosecurity of the veterinary premises.
  • Cares for animals in hospital accommodation and keeps accurate records.
  • Collects and analyses blood, urine and other samples.
  • Handles animals during treatment.
  • Dispenses and administers medication and applies dressings to animals under direction from the veterinarian.
  • Prepares operating theatre, sterilises equipment and assists in theatre as required.
  • Assists the veterinary surgeon during surgical and medical treatments of animals.

Desired Skills

Reading Comprehension, Active Listening, Active Learning, Speaking, Learning Strategies, Critical Thinking, Writing, Monitoring, Mathematics, Science

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