Design Occupations

Job holders in this unit group plan, direct and undertake the creation of designs for new industrial and commercial products, stage sets, and other areas.

Entry Reqirements

Level 3 NVQ; A Levels

Typical Tasks

  • Define, design and implement a creative visual merchandising strategy.
  • Create many types of special effects make-up, which can include prosthetics.
  • Observes and manages intellectual property issues.
  • Specifies materials, production method and finish for aesthetic or functional effect, and oversees production of sample and/or finished product.
  • Undertakes research to determine market trends, production requirements, availability of resources and formulates design concepts.
  • Prepares sketches, designs, patterns, prototypes, mock-ups and storyboards for consideration by theatre/film director, management, sales department or a client.
  • Liaises with client to determine the purpose, cost, technical specification and potential uses/users of product.

Desired Skills

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