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Boston College Achieve Highest Data Security Certificate

Boston College is proud to announce they have achieved the internationally recognised data security certificate ISO 27001, as part of the College’s ongoing commitment to protect the data of staff, students and partners.

ISO 27001 is an international framework which helps organisations manage and protect their information assets, so they remain safe and secure, not only for today, but also for the future. The certification was achieved through a rigorous external audit of all elements of the College’s data security processes.

Robbie Wallis, Head of Educational Technology and IT said, “Only a handful of colleges have achieved ISO27001 certification in the country, so this is something Boston College can be very proud of. This certification puts the College at the forefront of information security and shows our commitment to ensure data is kept safe.”

Boston College will now undergo regular audits in line with the ISO 27001 certification to maintain the highest possible standard of data security.

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