Staff Guidance - COVID-19

All pay claims should be electronically signed by both the employee and line manager from 23 March 2020 to claim timetabled hours.  Once this has been checked by the Line Manager, the pay claim should be emailed to Mandy Thomas ( who will print and process as usual.  In the event of a Line Manager absence,  please contact your relevant SLT member and copy Mandy Thomas, Payroll Manager into the email. 

Once approved the pay claim should be emailed direct to Mandy by the relevant line manager / SLT member to be processed.  Any urgent queries relating to pay must be emailed to Mandy Thomas.

If you are actively teaching students including remotely you will be paid for the hours you are offered. If learners are not able to access learning, then we will look at redeployment opportunities – all queries relating to redeployment should be routed to your Line Manager in the first instance.

If you are unwell whilst working from home, staff are required to report to their line manager in the usual way and in addition please email

You will need to report your first day of sickness and also your last day of sickness in line with the Absence Policy.

For all absences please report this to your line manager or SLT member in their absence, copying into the email.

If this is Coronavirus related:

The College has a Home Working Policy, please click here to read the policy. 

If you have coronavirus or symptoms of coronavirus the usual sick pay and policy applies. 

If someone in your household has symptoms of coronavirus or you are having to self-isolate the usual sick pay and policy applies.  As per the latest government guidelines, Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) will be paid from day one (instead of the three waiting days) for the Coronavirus.

Please follow the links for certifying sickness in the Absence section above.

Not all staff will be able to work from home due to the nature of their role. The College will explore re-deployment opportunities with those staff if it applies – all queries relating to redeployment should be routed to your Line Manager.

If staff are forced to cancel their pre-planned trips due to Government advice or if your holiday is cancelled, they can make a request to their line manager to cancel leave and take this later in the same academic year.  Line managers should ask for proof before they allow staff to cancel their leave. Holiday cancellations will remain at the discretion of the line manager/SLT member.

Staff who have pre-booked their leave should still take their holidays as normal.

Please be aware that the normal maximum allowance of 5 days annual leave may be carried over to the next academic year, subject to your line manager’s approval.

If staff are unwell immediately prior to or during a period of pre-booked annual leave, they would be expected to provide medical evidence (unless this is Coronavirus related in which case follow the ‘Absence’ guidance section above) in accordance with our policies.

If staff have childcare responsibilities due to school closures, the college will try to support home working where possible with your line manager’s agreement.  However, staff will need to be flexible to ensure work is covered.  Otherwise annual leave or unpaid leave will need to be utilised.

Government guidance released on 20 March 2020 - Relating to key workers includes specialist education staff.

Therefore, all staff are likely to be within this definition especially if you are learner facing.  We suggest that you liaise with the education provider of your children. 

You can download our course guide