Boston and Beyond Business Awards

Boston College continues to depend on support from regional businesses, working together on apprenticeships and training, work experience and employability support. We’re delighted to be bringing back our live awards event to highlight the work of our own business community – the Growers, Makers, Builders, Designers and Innovators who are driving growth and opportunity across the region. This year we are going beyond 'Made-in-Boston' to incorporate South Holland and East Lindsey in line with the South and East Lincolnshire Councils Partnership area.

Our new Boston and Beyond Business Awards will again offer a number of opportunities for businesses to participate, including a new Environmental Impact Award.

Nominate your own business or a business you feel deserves recognition for one of the Boston and Beyond Business Awards (Winners to be announced on Tuesday 28th February during the Low Carbon Lincolnshire Event @ Boston United Football Ground)

By entering these awards, you will help raise the profile of your business, highlight the products and services you provide and benefit Boston's image and profile.Β 

Winners of the Boston and Beyond Awards, will be announced during the 'Low Carbon Lincolnshire' Conference held at Boston United Football ground on Tuesday 28th February.

Simply follow the link below to make your nomination and remember that all nominated businesses will get some positive publicity (just like the Oscars!)

For more information, please contact, George Bell, Employer Engagement Manager on 01205 313242


Special Community Impact Award

A discretionary award to recognise and reward either businesses or business people who have gone above and beyond to the benefit of the communities in which they operate.

South and East Lincolnshire Innovation Award

This award highlights the breadth of innovative work and use of new and developing technology that enables business from this region to take the lead on a national or global stage.

Made in Boston - Made in South Holland - Made in East Lindsey Awards

By entering any of the awards, you will also be considered for one of our 'Made in' Awards. However, we are also taking entries targeted just at this title.

It is open to both large and small businesses, new companies and those already well established.Β 

Environmental Impact Award

A reduction in the carbon production of your business; an improvement to design or materials to reduce plastic or increase recyclability; movement towards net zero, perhaps through a change in working practices. Describe what you have done and the impact that it has had on the environment. Please include any resulting positives for your business as well

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