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This Re-Assessment of ACS Domestic Core Gas Safety CCN1 initial & appliances course is a necessary requirement of the Nationally Accredited Certification Scheme for Gas Fitting Operatives (ACS) and is required by anyone working on gas installations and appliances.

What will I do?

During this 3-day course you will cover a range of content, designed to prepare you for the re-assessment examination that takes place on the final day.CCN1 content typically includes:

  • Pipework inspection
  • Pipework scenarios
  • Unsafe situations (pipework)
  • Tightness testing
  • Installation of pipework and fittings
  • Purging pipework
  • Checking/setting commercial regulators
  • Appliance connection tightness test, purge and relight
  • Unsafe situations (appliances)
  • Characteristics of combustions
  • Gas safety devices and controls

In order to qualify for re-assessment, candidates must already be accredited with (CNN1) Domestic Gas Safety.

This Re-Assessment of ACS Domestic Core Gas Safety course will take you 3 days to complete, including the practical examination on the final day.

The cost of this course is ยฃ391 per person

You will complete a series of written and practical assessments.

You may consider looking to add appliances such as (CKR1) Cookers, (HTR1) Fires & Heaters etc. to expand your scope of work.

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