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    September 2024


Embarking on a Health Professions Pathway offers a multidisciplinary approach to understanding human health and well-being, integrating insights from psychology, sociology, and biology.

A Level Psychologyprovides foundational knowledge of human behaviour, cognition, and mental processes, crucial for understanding patient dynamics, counselling, and therapeutic interventions.A Level Sociology complements this by exploring the social inequalities in society vital for addressing health disparities and promoting equity in healthcare delivery.

A Level Biology delves into the biological underpinnings of health and disease, covering topics such as physiology, anatomy, genetics, and pharmacology, essential for comprehending the mechanisms of illnesses, medical treatments, and advancements in biotechnology and medicine.

This comprehensive education will equip you with a holistic understanding of health and illness, preparing you for diverse career pathways in healthcare, including medicine, nursing, allied health professions, public health, and research. Moreover, it fosters critical thinking, problem-solving, communication, and empathy – essential skills for providing compassionate, evidence-based care and advocating for the health and well-being of individuals and communities.

Ultimately, studying this pathway empowers students to make meaningful contributions to improving healthcare outcomes and addressing societal health challenges.

What will I do?

A Level Biology
Embark on an exciting journey with A Level Biology, igniting your passion for life sciences and unravelling the intricacies of our world. Covering 8 stimulating topics like biological molecules, genetics, ecology, and gene technologies, the course blends captivating lectures with hands-on practical sessions. You'll participate in 12 laboratory experiments, exploring biochemical tests, dissections, and organism movement. With a focus on practical skills, we prepare you for future studies and career growth in Biology's experimental realm.

A Level Psychology
In A Level Psychology, explore the intriguing world of human behaviour and cognition, spanning diverse topics to unravel the complexities of the mind. Covering areas like biological, cognitive, developmental, social, and forensic psychology, delve into theories, research methods, and ethical considerations. Gain insight into memory, perception, attachment, conformity, and abnormal behaviour, learning to critically assess studies and apply theories practically. Through experiments, case studies, and debates, hone analytical skills, research prowess, and comprehension of the factors influencing human behaviour.

A Level Sociology
In A Level Sociology, explore the intricate fabric of society, dissecting its structures, institutions, and interactions. Analyse fundamental concepts like culture, socialization, inequality, and power, understanding their impact on individuals and communities. The curriculum encompasses diverse sociological theories, from classical to contemporary perspectives, including Marx, Durkheim, Weber, and modern scholars. Investigate themes like social stratification, gender, ethnicity, education, family, and crime using qualitative and quantitative research methods to unravel societal phenomena.

To study the Healthcare Professions Pathway you will need to have 5 GCSEs at Grade 5 or above.

This pathway lasts for 2 years. Starting in September 2024, you will study 4 days per week at our Boston College Sixth Building, on our Boston Campus (Rochford).

The A Level Pathway for Healthcare Professions is free, if you are under the age of 19 on 31 August of the year you start the course.

Each one of the three A Levels that make up the Education Pathway is assesed individually:

  • A Level Biology: You will sit 3 formal examinations
  • A Level Psychology: You will sit 3 formal examinations
  • A Level Sociology: You will sit 3 formal examinations

With A Level Biology, you can pursue careers in medicine, nursing, research, or biotechnology, exploring fields such as genetics, pharmacology, and environmental health.

A Level Psychology prepares students for roles in clinical psychology, counselling, or neuropsychology, focusing on mental health and well-being.

A Level Sociology equips students for careers in public health, social work, policy analysis, or community outreach, addressing societal factors influencing health.

Together, these subjects provide a holistic foundation for healthcare professions, forensic sciences, research, policymaking, and advocacy, empowering you to make meaningful contributions to individual and community health. Whether in hospitals, research institutions, schools, the criminal justice system or community organizations, the opportunities are vast and impactful.

Successful completion of the Healthcare Professions A Level Pathway will give you the skills and knowledge to progress on the next step of your academic journey. This can be in Higher Education, in the form of a Degree level course or apprenticeship, or directly into employment in your chosen career.

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