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    September 2024


Embarking on an education/teaching pathway with A Level subjects like Sociology, Psychology, and English Literature offers a multifaceted exploration into the human experience and the mechanisms that shape society and individuals.

A Level Sociology provides insights into the structures, institutions, and dynamics of society. Through the study of sociological theories, research methods, and key sociological concepts, you will develop an understanding of social phenomena, inequalities, and cultural diversity. This knowledge equips future educators with the tools to recognize and address social issues within educational contexts.

A Level Psychology delves into the complexities of the human mind and behaviour. You will examine cognitive processes, developmental psychology, social behaviour, and psychological disorders. Understanding psychological principles enhances educators' ability to support students' emotional well-being, adapt teaching strategies to individual learning styles, and foster positive classroom environments conducive to learning.

A Level English Literature offers a profound exploration of literature's power to illuminate the human condition. By analysing literary works across genres and periods, you will develop critical thinking, communication, and empathy. Literature enriches educators' capacity to engage students with diverse perspectives, nurture their creativity, and cultivate a love for learning.

Together, these A Level subjects provide a holistic foundation for future educators, empowering them to navigate the complexities of the classroom with empathy, insight, and effectiveness. Through interdisciplinary connections and a deep understanding of society, psychology, and literature, educators can inspire students to thrive academically, socially, and personally.

What will I do?

A Level Psychology
In A Level Psychology, explore the intriguing world of human behaviour and cognition, spanning diverse topics to unravel the complexities of the mind. Covering areas like biological, cognitive, developmental, social, and forensic psychology, delve into theories, research methods, and ethical considerations. Gain insight into memory, perception, attachment, conformity, and abnormal behaviour, learning to critically assess studies and apply theories practically. Through experiments, case studies, and debates, hone analytical skills, research prowess, and comprehension of the factors influencing human behaviour.

A Level Sociology
In A Level Sociology, explore the intricate fabric of society, dissecting its structures, institutions, and interactions. Analyse fundamental concepts like culture, socialization, inequality, and power, understanding their impact on individuals and communities. The curriculum encompasses diverse sociological theories, from classical to contemporary perspectives, including Marx, Durkheim, Weber, and modern scholars. Investigate themes like social stratification, gender, ethnicity, education, family, and crime using qualitative and quantitative research methods to unravel societal phenomena.

A Level English Literature

Embark on a literary odyssey in English Literature, traversing diverse texts across centuries and genres. The curriculum fosters a profound grasp of literature while refining critical thinking, analysis, and writing abilities. Dive into canonical works spanning Shakespearean drama, romantic poetry, Victorian novels, and modernist pieces. Engage with literary theory and criticism, exploring various interpretive lenses. Discover how literature mirrors and reacts to cultural shifts, challenging societal norms and values.

To study the Education Pathway you will need to have 5 GCSEs at Grade 5 or above.

This pathway lasts for 2 years. Starting in September 2024, you will study 4 days per week at our Boston College Sixth Building, on our Boston Campus (Rochford).

The A Level Pathway for Education is free, if you are under the age of 19 on 31 August of the year you start the course.

Each one of the three A Levels that make up the Education Pathway is assesed individually:

  • A Level Psychology: You will sit 3 formal examinations
  • A Level Sociology: You will sit 3 formal examinations
  • A Level English Literature: You will sit 2 formal examinations. There will also be a coursework assignment that makes up 30% of your final grade

A career in education offers diverse pathways, enriched by a foundation in English Literature, Psychology, and Sociology. English Literature fosters critical analysis, enhancing teaching's storytelling aspect. Psychology provides insight into student behaviour, aiding in creating inclusive learning environments. Sociology, delving into societal structures, aids educators in understanding diverse student backgrounds.

In teaching, you might pursue primary education, shaping young minds through foundational learning. Secondary education offers specialisation in subjects like English, Psychology, or Sociology, deepening knowledge in these fields. Further, special education caters to diverse needs, employing psychological and sociological perspectives for inclusive teaching.

Ultimately, education in English Literature, Psychology, and Sociology intertwines beautifully in teaching careers, offering versatile pathways to enrich minds, foster inclusivity, and shape the future.

Successful completion of the Education A Level Pathway will give you the skills and knowledge to progress on the next step of your academic journey. This can be in Higher Education, in the form of a Degree level course or apprenticeship, or directly into employment in your chosen career.

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