Meet our Students

Mitchell Wright

Age: 17

Studying: Motorsport Diploma Level 1

Previous School: Progressing Pathways 2 Progress Student

I like the freedom and variation that College gives me. I attend College for three days a week. During this time, I spend one day in the classroom learning theory, one day at PFI and another day in the Collegeโ€™s Motor Vehicle workshop.

We first start building up our skills and knowledge on rigs and then transition onto cars and go-karts. At PFI, we learn how to fix and re-build karts and then watch them race on the track.

Alongside my Motorsport course, I am also developing my English and Maths skills by studying Functional Skills.

Once I finish my course, Iโ€™m hoping to continue my studies at Boston College in Engineering, with the aim of gaining employment as a Mechanical Engineer.

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