Registered Children’s Nurses

Registered children's nurses nurses provide general or acute nursing care for children and young people with chronic or acute conditions and assist medical doctors with their tasks.

Entry Reqirements

Honours, Bachelor's degree

Typical Tasks

  • Plans, manages, provides and evaluates nursing care services for patients, supervises the implementation of nursing care plans.
  • Advises on nursing care, disease prevention, and nutrition.
  • Works with parents to explain procedures and health conditions and to help them care for children when they return home.
  • Administers drugs and medicines, applies surgical dressings and gives other forms of treatment.
  • Monitors children's progress, including the interpretation of the behaviour of young children too young to communicate.
  • Manages own case load.
  • Assists medical doctors and works with other healthcare professionals to deal with emergencies and pre-planned treatment of patients.

Desired Skills

Active Listening, Speaking, Reading Comprehension, Critical Thinking, Monitoring, Writing, Active Learning, Learning Strategies, Mathematics, Science

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