Archivists, Conservators and Curators

Archivists, conservators and curators collect, appraise and preserve collections of recorded and other material of historical interest.

Entry Reqirements

Level 5 NVQ; Masters

Typical Tasks

  • Answers verbal or written enquiries and gives advice on exhibits or other material.
  • Liaises with school and other groups or individuals, publicises exhibits and arranges special displays for general, specialised or educational interest.
  • Negotiates loans of material for specialist displays.
  • Develops and promotes ideas for exhibitions and displays.
  • Allows access to original material or material not on display for researchers.
  • Makes sure that storage and display conditions protect objects from deterioration and damage.
  • Examines objects to identify any damage and carries out necessary restoration whilst preserving original characteristics.
  • Maintains indexes, bibliographies and descriptive details of archive material and arranges for reproductions of items where necessary.
  • Classifies material and arranges for its safe keeping and preservation.
  • Examines, appraises and advises on the acquisition of exhibits, historic records, government papers and other material.

Desired Skills

Writing, Reading Comprehension, Active Listening, Speaking, Critical Thinking, Monitoring, Active Learning, Learning Strategies, Mathematics, Science

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