Pre-press Technicians

Pre-press technicians prepare, format and compose text and graphics in a form suitable for use in a variety of print processes.

Entry Reqirements

Level 3 NVQ; A Levels

Typical Tasks

  • Arranges and pastes printing material onto paper ready for photographing.
  • Processes filmsetting or desktop publishing output to produce image on film and transfers to printing plates and digital output.
  • Examines proof copies, checks for quality and accuracy and makes any necessary alterations.
  • Scans and retouches digital images to create sample proofs, plans and lays out artwork to match planned design.
  • Uses computer applications to generate images and text.
  • Determines from specification the kind and size of type to be used.

Desired Skills

Active Learning, Learning Strategies, Critical Thinking, Reading Comprehension, Speaking, Monitoring, Writing, Active Listening, Mathematics, Science

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