Travelling to College

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Transport Support

If your household has an income of less than £32,000 per year, you will be/are studying at Boston College for more than 12.5 hours per week, live more than 3 miles from the College and you have submitted a bursary application (please see the Financial Assistance page for a bursary application), the 16-19 College Bursary will help with your transport costs. This may include a contribution towards a Lincolnshire County Council travel pass, public transport tickets or a mileage allowance of 10p per mile (car/motorbike).

Travelling to College by Bus

If you are aged 16-19, you will also need to submit a travel pass application to Lincolnshire County Council.

You can do this by applying online on the Lincolnshire County Council website, and then by selecting 'Apply Online' at the bottom of the page.

PLEASE NOTE - If you will be studying at Boston College Spalding Campus, please manually type in 'Boston College Spalding' in the section titled 'Finding your School or College'.

To ensure that a travel pass can be in place for the start of term, please submit your bursary application including TRA number from Lincolnshire County Council to Boston College.

If you have any further questions, please call Lincolnshire County Council on 01522 782020 for assistance.

Travelling to College by Car or Motorbike

If you are driving to College, you can park for FREE at the following campuses:

  • Rochford
  • Peter Paine Performance Centre
  • Ingelow Centre

The Sam Newsom Centre is just a short 5 minute walk away from the Rochford Campus, allowing you to park you car and take the short walk across the campus.

There is currently no parking at our Spalding campus, but there are many close car parks, which start at £1 a day.

Travelling to College by Bike

If you enjoy the fresh air and College is close to you. The College provides FREE cycle parking facilities at the following campuses:

  • Rochford
  • Peter Paine Performance Centre
  • Ingelow Centre

*Please note, cycle parking is at your own risk. We do recommend a secure bike lock.

Campus Addresses

All of Boston College Campuses are within walking distant of the centre of Boston, with Spalding College located within the heart of the town centre.

Visit the 'Contact us' page for full address information


Need Some More Advice?

If you need any support or additional information regarding gaining transport to Boston College, you can ask to speak to a member of the College's Learner Services Team by either visiting the Learner Services Team within Rochford's Main Reception or by calling 01205 313218.

You can download our course guide