Student Union

The Student Union is Run by Students for Students

Working closely with the College's Learner Involvement Coordinator, the main aim of the Student Union is student representation, providing you with a voice to ensure your thoughts, views and opinions are heard, shared and acted upon.


Each year, elections take place to select the Student Union Executives. Any student can put themselves forward to become an Executive, with all students invited to vote within the elections.

Becoming a Student or Programme Area Rep

If you would like to become a Student Rep and have your voice heard, speak to the College's Learner Involvement Coordinator. You can find her at the Rochford campus reception.

Being a Student Rep is a voluntary role, and you'll benefit from playing an active role in making sure that students' views and thoughts are heard and shaping student life at Boston College.

As well as Student Reps, each course area has a 'Programme Area Rep' who represents their area in meetings with the Senior Leadership Team and other events.

Supporting the Student Union

You can support the Student Union by visiting the Student Union Shop in the Rochford Campus (students and staff only). The shop sells a variety of items such as gifts, stationery, college essentials, birthday cards and snacks. 

You can also support the Student Union by buying a TOTUM card for £14.99 and in return you'll receive discounts from over 200 UK companies.

You can find out more about TOTUM cards and how to apply on the 'Student Perks' page or click the banner below! 


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