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The Amy Winehouse Foundation Resilience Programme Visit Boston College

The Amy Winehouse Foundation Resilience Programme Visit Boston CollegeThe Amy Winehouse Foundation made a return visit to Boston College recently to help students develop their understanding of peer pressure, self-esteem and risky behaviour.

Volunteers working as part of the programme provided their own experiences of drug or alcohol misuse, as well as their recovery. The real life situations that the volunteers have been through makes the programme very relatable and engaging for the learners that attended.

After hearing personal experiences from the volunteers the Pathways 2 Progress students then had a chance to reflect on what they had heard and provide feedback as well as consider the risks they could face in their own lives. The programme also highlights the confidential one to one support in place for those who are going through addiction or may be heading towards addiction.

Josh McClean, a Pathways 2 Progress said, “The presentation has given us the opportunity to reflect on our choices and give us guidance towards the decisions we make. Hearing people’s experiences was really eye-opening and made me realise the consequences that can happen when you make a wrong decision.”

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