Meet our Students

Boston College Animal Care Case Study

Alicia Emery

I've always wanted to be a vet, and after coming to a Boston College Open Event and seeing the Animal Care unit I knew I wanted to study here.

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Boston College Catering and Hospitality Case Study

Jasmine Clare – Catering and Hospitality

When I was in Yr11, I contacted the Catering department at Boston College, and they invited me in to help during Lime's evening restaurants.

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Boston College Pathways 2 Progress Case Study

Emily Brinkley – Pathways 2 Progress

Pathways 2 Progression has really helped to boost my confidence and given me the skill set to progress onto Level 1 Hair and Beauty.

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Boston College Art and Design Case Study

Nauris Gavruto – Art and Design

I've always customised my clothes, and the Art and Design course has allowed me to develop a range of art and design skills, which has benefited my fashion designing.

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Boston College Foundation (Entry/SEND) Case Study

Sam Peacock – Foundation (Entry/SEND)

I've been at Boston College for three years and over that time my confidence has increased dramatically.

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Boston College Electrical Case Study

Conner Deaton – Electrical

Studying the Electrical course at Boston College has allowed me to develop my skills and apply them in my position as a Trainee Engineer.

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Boston College Early Years Case Study

Mollie Gaines – Early Years and Schools

It has always been my goal to work with children and the Early Years course at Boston College felt natural for me to progress onto after secondary school.

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Boston College Computing Case Study

Jake Peel – Computing

After being home schooled, Boston College was my first experience of education.

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Boston College ESOL Case Study

Berta Kalinowska – ESOL

The reason I chose to study ESOL at Boston College was to increase my English Language in speaking, listening and reading.

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Boston College Business Case Study

Elina Sladina – Business

Boston College prepares us for university by making us responsible of managing and planning our own time.

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