Why Choose Media?

Bringing ideas to life requires many different areas of filmmaking and you will get the opportunity to sample them, as well as the latest technology, on a Boston College Media course. Find and develop your area of expertise in an ever-evolving industry. 

The Media courses utilise our fully equipped Media workshops, Apple Mac suites, an HD TV Studio, Art Studios, Photography Studio and Darkroom. 

You will study all areas of television and film production as well as being trained in the operation of related equipment. 

You will study directing, editing, script writing and live television production.

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You will operate cameras, sound equipment, lighting and industry standard editing software incorporating image manipulation/generation with after effects.

You will produce adverts, music videos, live television shows, documentaries and a final major project short film. 


You can enhance your skills with ‘Live Briefs’, learning from the media lecturers who have worked in creative roles in the media industry.

Your Passion. Your Purpose

   Meet our Media Learners

Lennart Schramm

Studying at College is a great experience; I learn a lot every day and it will definitely help with my career aspirations.

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Abbi Taylor

The Media course is so varied – it’s a great course to find out what you want to specialise in.

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North Tuck

Studying Media at Boston College is the best thing I’ve done. I love films, so being given the freedom to create them to provide entertainment is great!

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Hear from our Curriculum Leader for Media


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