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IT – Excel Spreadsheets is an effective short course for businesses to provide a better understanding and a more effective use of spreadsheets.

Available at basic, intermediate and advanced levels all of which can help employees save time and improve on the quality of information provided.

What will I do?

The IT – Excel Spreadsheets course will cover topics such as graphs, the use of toolbars and icons, formulae, filtering, complex functions and conditional formatting.

Advanced topics include data validation, advanced formatting, named cell ranges and security. Our service includes a self-diagnostic process to help you identify the skill level you have in the workforce and we provide all attendees with a workbook, which serves as a useful reference manual.

There are no formal entry qualifications for the IT – Excel Spreadsheets course.

The Microsoft Excel Spreadsheets course will take you three hours to complete.

The IT – Excel Spreadsheets course will cost £87per person (maximum number for each group is 10).

Please note that all fees are subject to change.

How to Apply.

Apply for the course is easy, just click ‘Apply for this course’ below.

Alternatively for more information on this course, please call our Information Line on 01205 313218

You can download our course guide