18th Edition (City and Guilds 2382-18) Refresher Level 3

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If you have passed your 17th edition since the last amendment was published, then you can take this short one day 18th edition update course.

This one day 18th Edition (City & Guilds 2382-18) Update course brings those with the 3rd amendment up to date with the latest wiring regs. This course only covers the changes to the wiring regulations since the 3rd amendment but you still take the full 2382-18 exam.

By taking this one day class you will give yourself the best chance of passing first time by studying in an environment which lends itself to learning.

You can take yourself away from your day to day distractions and know that at the end of the course you will have completed the learning and will most likely have passed. You will also be in a class room of like minded people who recently passed their 17th editions meaning the course can be taught at the right level for you.

Remember every installation from January 2019 will need to be designed in line with the 18th Edition wiring regulations.

Anyone looking to register with a competent persons scheme will need to prove they are up to date even if they have already completed a Level 3 NVQ.

Also anyone looking to register with the new ECS Check system will need the latest qualification.

If you do not hold the 17th Edition with the last amendment then you will need to take our 18th Edition full course (4 days course).

What will I do?

The one day 18th Edition (City & Guilds 2382-18) Update course will mainly focus on the changes to the 17th edition since the third amendment plus how to navigate the latest blue book.

You won’t learn every regulation in the book but you will learn to reference the latest regulations as you would on the job. Topics currently covered on the course will still be:

  • Scope, object and fundamental principles
  • Definitions
  • Assessment of general characteristics
  • Protection for safety
  • Selection and erection of equipment
  • Inspection and testing
  • Special installations or locations
  • Appendices

There are no formal entry requirements to attend the 18th Edition (City & Guilds 2382-18) Update course however it is aimed at electricians who hold the 17th Edition.

The 18th Edition (City & Guilds 2382-18) Update course will take one days to complete plus a two hour online exam.

This course will cost £187 per person.

Please note that all fees are subject to change.

You will be assessed via a 2 hour online exam. The exam will take place either one evening after the course or on the afternoon of the 4th day (subject to availability of exam equipment).

You will need to own the new Blue book with the ISBN 978-1785611704.

The ISBN for the above book is 978-1785611704 (BLUE BOOK). This book can be ordered from Boston College at a cost of £90. If you would like to order a book please state clearly on your booking.

How to Enquiry.

Enquiring about a course is easy, just click ‘Enquire for this course’ below.

Alternatively for more information on this course, please call our Information Line on 01205 313218

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