Manual Handling in the Workplace (For Employers)

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These courses are available to employers in the Health and Social Care sector to meet their mandatory training requirements.

This course can also be used as part of the mandatory training in health and social care.

Please note - Learners studying a Health and Social Care course need to meet current Government legal requirements relating to COVID-19 vaccination status when working in the health and social care sector. This means learners must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19, this includes being double vaccinated and having received a booster. Learners need to meet this legal requirement to be able to attend placement, without attending placement learners cannot complete their qualifications.

If you think you may be medically exempt from the COVID-19 mandatory vaccination. Learners will need to provide evidence of an NHS Covid pass medical exemption. There is further guidance on how to apply for a medical exemption and prove you are unable to get vaccinated on the government website.

What will I do?

The course will provide you with knowledge of legislation, the principles of safe moving and handling of individuals. It also provides information regarding back care.

You will take part in practical sessions which include observations of using your own care providers equipment.

There are no formal entry qualifications for the Manual Handling in the Workplace course.

The Manual Handling in the Workplace course will take you one day to complete.

The minimum number of attendees for this course to run is 10 people.

Fees may vary depending on personal circumstances, please enquire for further information.

This course can also be used as part of the mandatory training in health and social care.

How to Apply.

Apply for the course is easy, just click ‘Apply for this course’ below.

Alternatively for more information on this course, please call our Information Line on 01205 313218

You can download our course guide