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    Wednesday 11th September 2024


Unlock your potential with Functional Skills English. The qualification can be the first step back into education, help with a career change or get you that promotion.

Why study Functional Skills English?
Functional Skills English is a flexible course, which employers and most universities widely accept as an equivalent to GCSE English. It is often the best option for adult learners needing an English qualification. Our courses run for seventeen weeks, which means that depending on your starting point, you can achieve a Level 2 qualification in half the time it takes to achieve a GCSE English qualification, freeing up your time to start other courses such as Functional Skills Maths.

We have start dates in September and February as well as an intensive week-long course in June.

What will I do?

Functional Skills English focuses on the English skills you need for your day-to-day life and career. There are three parts to the qualification:

  • Reading – read a variety of texts with different purposes, formats and audiences, finding out how writers put texts together for maximum impact
  • Writing – learn from the texts that you have read to find out how to create effective texts as well as working on your spelling, punctuation and grammar
  • Speaking and listening – learn how to structure and deliver a presentation and develop your discussion skills

We use texts and materials that cover contemporary topics, and you will also have access to online materials to allow you to study at home.

There are no formal entry qualifications, but you will take an assessment at the interview to make sure this is the right qualification for you.

Functional Skills English will take you a total of 17 weeks to complete. You will attend our Spalding Campus. Functional Skills English is available to start on the following dates:

Functional Skills English Level 1
  • Wednesday 11th September 2024
  • Wednesday 29th January 2025
Functional Skills English Level 2
  • Wednesday 11th September 2024
  • Wednesday 29th January 2025

For most people, the course is free although there could be a charge depending on your funding eligibility, which might depend on visas and residency.

You will be assessed through externally set examinations for Reading and Writing, as well as two Speaking and Listening tasks that are marked internally.

The benefit of Functional Skills exams is that you will mostly receive your results within three weeks of taking an exam, and that re-sits are available on demand if you don’t pass first time.

Each part of the qualification is assessed separately, so once you have passed one part of the qualification, you don’t have to do that exam again even if you don’t pass the other exams straight away.

Functional Skills English is often an entry requirement for other college and university courses and is part of most apprenticeship frameworks. It is a suitable qualification for many career paths such as administrative roles, retail, hospitality, trades and manufacturing roles.

There are no additional costs related to this course

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