British Sign Language Award Level 1

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    14 Weeks

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    May 2023


This course is accredited by the Skills Education Group and is an Entry Level qualification. This means that it is suitable for learners who have little or no experience in British Sign Language (BSL).

A British Sign Language course would be ideal for educational and business establishments to improve their communication skills and to better understand members of the deaf community. Taking a course in British Sign Language, will help employees to communicate more effectively with customers, colleagues and students who are deaf or hard of hearing. It may also help to create a more inclusive and respectful environment.

What will I do?

This course is made up of three mandatory units which must be completed. Each unit covers a key area of British Sign Language:

  • Unit One: BSL Productive Skills
  • Unit Two: BSL Receptive Skills
  • Unit Three: BSL Conversation Skills

By the end of this course you will be able to deliver a short presentation of approximately 2 minutes which will include numerical data from 1-100, past present and future tense, non-manual features, and fingerspelling. You will be able to answer questions based on a presentation given in BSL and you will be able to hold a conversation with your tutor in BSL where you are able to ask and respond to questions.

There are no formal entry requirements for this course however you will need a good understanding of the English language and be able to communicate confidently with your tutor in English.

British Sign Language will take you 14 weeks to complete. Starting Thursday 18th May 2023 you will attend college for 4 hours per week, on a Thursday evening, 4:00pm to 8:00pm. You will attend College at our Boston Campus (Rochford).

Please note, this is a 14 week course that will run into the summer.

British Sign Language Award may be fully funded by the Adult Education Budget should you be eligible under the following criteria:

  • Be aged 19 or older on the 31st August at the start of the current academic year
  • Be either unemployed and receiving JSA, ESA or Universal Credit (subject to criteria) OR be earning less than £18,525 (annual gross salary) a year
If you do not qualify for funding under the AEB budget this course will cost you £225.

This course will be assessed via recorded presentations and conversations with your tutor.

On completion of this course you could progress to the Level 1 BSL where you will develop your language skills and widen your knowledge to become more confident in conversing with members of the deaf community.

You will be equipped with the knowledge to bring a more inclusive environment to your work place, educational establishment, or visitor attraction.

There are no additional costs related to this course

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