Cleaning Knowledge and Skills Certificate Level 2

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The qualification aims to develop understanding of the principles of decontamination to improve practical skills such as cleaning and waste management. It will expand on knowledge of health and safety and provide an insight of infection control and regulations such as RIDDOR and COSHH.

Your studies will include topics such as :

  • Dealing with routine and non-routine waste
  • Health and safety for the cleaning and support services industry
  • Working with customers and others in the cleaning and support services industry
  • Infection control, RIDDOR and COSHH in cleaning settings
  • Principles of decontamination, cleaning and waste management
  • Cleaning of interiors and washrooms

Please note: To complete this course, you will need to be observed by a witness completing specific cleaning skills as part of Unit 6. You will either need to be in a workplace where a manager or supervisor could be your witness, or if you are not currently in employment, you will need to have access to an appropriate witness who can observe you completing cleaning skills.

What will I do?

Throughout this qualification you will study the following units -

Unit 1: Dealing with routine and non-routine waste

  • Procedures for handling routine and non-routine waste
  • Handling and transferring routine and non-routine waste

Unit 2: Health and Safety for the cleaning and support service industry

  • Health and safety
  • Working in a safe manner
  • Controlling risks in the workplace

Unit 3: Working with customers and others in the cleaning and support services industry

  • Communicating effectively with customers
  • Meeting customers’ needs
  • Contributing to effective team working

Unit 4: Infection control, RIDDOR and COSHH in cleaning settings

  • Applying the principles of infection control in cleaning settings
  • Roles and responsibilities regarding the Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences (RIDDOR)
  • Roles and responsibilities regarding the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) Regulations
  • The role of risk assessment in cleaning settings

Unit 5: Principles of decontamination, cleaning and waste management

  • The importance of having a clean working environment
  • Roles and responsibilities in relation to cleaning, decontamination and waste management
  • The principles of decontamination process
  • Safe handling of laundry
  • The principles of effective waste management

Unit 6: Cleaning of interiors and washrooms

  • Preparation for cleaning interiors and washrooms
  • Carrying out cleaning of interiors and washrooms
  • Checking cleaning and resources, disposing of waste and returning equipment and items

As this is an adult learning course, you will need to be aged be 19+ as at 31st August prior to the start of the current academic year. You will also need to have at least a Level 1 qualification in English/Literacy or equivalent, as the course requires you write your answers for assessment purposes. We can provide the opportunity to complete your Level 1 English course by following the link below:

English and Maths

We can also assess your English/Literacy level before you enrol for the Distance Learning course to see if you are currently working to this level. Please contact to request further information.

To assist in completion of this qualification, it may help to be working in, or have access to, the chosen sector. If you already have a higher-level qualification in this specialism, it may impact on your eligibility.

They are designed for independent study, and you do not have to attend any sessions, however your assigned tutor will provide you with support and guidance throughout your course. To ensure that you keep on track and meet the deadlines it is suggested that you undertake 5-10 hours study per week.

Distance Learning course are studied from home, work, or any location you wish via our fully online learning platform.

This course is currently being subsidised by Boston College and is therefore FREE* of charge.

We do accept that sometimes there are exceptional circumstances that prohibit you from completing these courses. If you find yourself struggling with the qualification, our support staff will always try to help you find a workable resolution. However, if you are studying a free course and choose to withdraw, you may have to pay a non-completion fee of £85 to cover the administration costs, materials and registration fees.

*subject to eligibility.

You will be allocated your own study pack, (online or paper-based), and will be supported by a personal tutor who you can contact throughout your studies. You will work through a series of tasks and activities to assist in gaining the qualification. There will be written assessments related to the content. There is no formal exam.

It is important that you demonstrate to your Tutor that you have fully understood the question and applied your knowledge to each answer in a logical way. If your Tutor feels that an answer needs a little more detail, they will point this out in your feedback and you will be able to go back to the answer and rework it until you pass.

Successful completion of the course will lead to a better understanding of the subject, which may improve your career prospects. You could also progress onto other qualifications in this field, or further Distance Learning courses to continue your CPD.

There are many other Distance Learning course available, however some which may be of particular interest are :

  • Level 2 Certificate in Falls Prevention Awareness
  • Level 2 Certificate in Prevention and Control of Infections
  • Level 2 Certificate in Understanding Retail Operations

Please go to the main Boston College website for a full list of other available courses.

Other options for further study are:

  • IOSH
  • COSHH Risk Assessment courses

How to Apply.

Applying for a course is easy, just click ‘Apply for this course’ below.

Alternatively for more information on this course, please call our Information Line on 01205 313218

You can download our course guide