Art for Wellbeing Award Level 1

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    24 Weeks

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    October 2022


Over recent years, there has been a growing understanding of the impact that taking part in the arts can have on health and wellbeing.

Being creative enhances mental health, boosts emotional and psychological wellbeing, helps build self-esteem, alleviates social isolation and loneliness and promotes more cohesive communities. Would you like to discover new art skills, create finished artworks whilst boosting your mental health and wellbeing?

This Level 1 Art for Wellbeing Award has been designed to introduce you to some of the many different forms of art and to explore and expand on the possibilities within them. With the aim of sparking your creative curiosity and lead you towards a more creative and fulfilling future, all with the support of a friendly group of like-minded people to spur you on.

During this face-to-face course, you will learn how to work with ceramics, printmaking, painting, drawing and textiles through a series of workshops. After that you will look at the work of other practicing artists in order to gain inspiration and ideas before choosing to take at least one art technique forward towards creating a final piece/body of work. You may wish to take several art techniques and processes forward or combine them.

  • Ceramics and pottery – exploring hand building techniques and thrown pottery. You will also have the opportunity to glaze or decorate your work in a variety of ways.
  • Printmaking – learning various techniques including lino, monoprinting, collagraph and dry-point. These could be developed into cards or other gifts.
  • Felt – both needle felting and traditional making pictures, 3D objects, and hand embellishing.
  • Painting and drawing – developing skills in various mediums including; watercolour, charcoal, pastels and inks.
  • 3D craft techniques – Exploring wire, paper, and assemblage.

What will I do?

You will study three units designed to give you a thorough understanding of the subject.

  • Explore craft resources – in this unit you will explore the different art.
  • Explore craft ideas – in this unit you will look at the work of other artists, using their work to inspire you to develop your own ideas and work.
  • Create, present and review a final art Item – in this unit you will plan, produce, reflect on and display a piece of your own artwork.
  • In order to pass this course, you will need to complete all three of these units. You will need to document your processes and findings for submission. This record will be returned to you following moderation and will, in future, be a valuable resource for you to revisit to remind yourself of your creative journey, as well as being able to refresh your memory on how to do the different crafts you will have tried.

    There are no formal entry qualifications for this L1 Award but you must have an interest in art and be willing to try new techniques and processes.

    You will attend College on Wednesday 12th October evenings, 6:00pm – 8:00pm.

    The course will run for 24 weeks, starting in October 2022.

    There is an expectation that you will undertake additional work at home in order to back up classroom activity.

    The Level 1 Art for Wellbeing Award is free, if you are under the age of 19 on 31 August of the year you start the course.

    If you are aged 19+, this course will cost £316.

    Fee remission may apply depending on personal circumstances, please enquire with the Registry Department for further information on 01205 365701 or email your query to

    Please note that all fees are subject to change.

    The Level 1 Award is a 100% practical course. It will be assessed through your participation in a series of workshops, your individual research and production of your final piece (s). All coursework will be assembled in an annotated sketchbook, which will be internally assessed by your tutor and externally moderated by the examination body.

    The aim of this course is to give you confidence in creating art work, from initial idea, through development to the execution and presentation of the final piece.

    You will be required to purchase a Sketchbook at around £20 that accompanies the course.

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