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    September 2024


Studying the Government and Law pathway offers a comprehensive exploration of the structures, systems, and historical context that shape societies and governance. This stream includes A Level subjects Law, History, and Politics, providing you with a multidisciplinary understanding of government, law, and society.

In A Level Law, you will delve into the principles, concepts, and institutions that underpin the legal system. You will analyse case studies, statutes, and legal precedents to develop an understanding of legal reasoning, dispute resolution, and the role of law in regulating behaviour and maintaining order.

A Level History offers you the opportunity to explore the evolution of political systems, legal frameworks, and societal norms over time. You will investigate key historical events, movements, and figures, gaining insights into the development of democracy, governance structures, and the rule of law.

A Level Politics equips you with a deep understanding of political ideologies, institutions, and processes. You will examine the workings of government, political parties, and international relations, while also exploring contemporary issues and debates that shape the political landscape.

Together, these subjects provide you with a holistic understanding of government and law, integrating legal, historical, and political perspectives. You will develop critical thinking, analytical, and research skills essential for further study or careers in law, politics, public service, or related fields. By engaging with complex ideas and real-world challenges, studying this stream will empower you to become an informed citizen and an agent of change in society.

What will I do?

A Level Politics.
In A Level Politics you will study UK Politics (Democracy, participation, political parties, electoral systems, voting behaviour and the media) Core Political Ideas (Conservatism, Liberalism and Socialism), UK Government (the constitution, Parliament, the Prime Minister and Executive, and relations between the different branches of government), Non-Core Political Ideas and Global Politics (globalisation, political and economic governance, human rights and environmental governance, power, regionalism and comparative developments.

A Level Law
In A Level Law, you will learn about the fundamental aspects of the English legal system. Exploring exciting elements of criminal and civil law to develop a deep and varied understanding of the laws that govern England. You will also consider how laws are made and applied, and the influence that justice, morality and society have had on the development of English law. You will use your knowledge of the law and landmark legal cases to analyse scenarios and develop a detailed legal argument.

A Level History.
A Level History begins with an in-depth look at the course of modern German history. Starting with the birth of the German Empire, you will examine the timeline of German history up to the division of Germany after the 2nd World War. You will examine the political, economic, social and foreign relations that helped to define a powerhouse of modern Europe. After this, you will move on to looking at the landscape of Britain from the end of World War 2 through to the present day. You will dive into the political turmoil of Britain, examining the fundamental social and economic shifts that have helped define Britain’s place in the world today.

To study the Government and Law Pathway you will need to have 5 GCSEs at Grade 5 or above.

This pathway lasts for 2 years. Starting in September 2024, you will study 4 days per week at our Boston College Sixth Building, on our Boston Campus (Rochford).

The A Level Pathway for Government and Law is free, if you are under the age of 19 on 31 August of the year you start the course.

Each one of the three A Levels that make up the Education Pathway is assessed individually:

  • A Level Politics: You will sit 3 formal examinations
  • A Level Law: You will sit 3 formal examinations
  • A Level History: You will sit 2 formal examinations

A career in Government and Politics, supported by A Level studies in Law, Politics, and History, opens a diverse array of pathways for those passionate about shaping policy, law, and society.

A Level Law provides a solid foundation in legal principles, crucial for roles in law-making bodies and legal advisory positions. This knowledge is invaluable for aspiring politicians, policymakers, and civil servants, equipping them to navigate complex legal frameworks.

Politics at A-Level delves into political systems, ideologies, and international relations, essential for roles such as political analysts, campaign managers, or diplomats. It fosters critical thinking and understanding of governance structures vital for public office or policy development.

A Level History enhances perspective by examining past events' political and social contexts. This insight is invaluable for policy advisors, historians, and journalists, enabling a deep understanding of societal trends and informing policy decisions.

Together, these A Level subjects provide a strong foundation for careers in government, such as MPs, councillors, or civil servants. They also pave the way for roles in law, international relations, and academia. Whether advocating for change, interpreting laws, or preserving history, this pathway offers a rich tapestry of opportunities to influence and shape our world.

Successful completion of the Government and Law A Level Pathway will give you the skills and knowledge to progress on the next step of your academic journey. This can be in Higher Education, in the form of a Degree level course or apprenticeship, or directly into employment in your chosen career.

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