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    September 2024


Unlock Your Creative Potential with Our A-Level Creative Pathway!

Ready to dive into the captivating world of storytelling? Our A Level Creative Pathway offers an exhilarating blend of A Level Media, A Level Film, and A Level English Literature courses that will ignite your passion for creativity and critical thinking!

Immerse yourself in the dynamic realms of media production, cinematic masterpieces, and literary treasures as you explore diverse narratives, analyse powerful imagery, and develop your unique voice.

Together, these subjects offer a comprehensive exploration of storytelling and communication, equipping you with valuable skills in critical thinking, creativity, and communication. Whether pursuing further study in the arts, media, or humanities or entering creative industries such as film or publishing, this creative pathway provides a solid foundation for future endeavours in the dynamic world of storytelling and cultural expression.

What will I do?

A Level Film.
A Level Film introduces a wide array of films to enhance your understanding of cinema and its diverse responses. It covers mainstream American and British films, American independents, and global cinema, including non-English language ones. The curriculum spans silent films, significant movements, documentaries, and experimental shorts, offering a comprehensive view of film history and its digital evolution. Production work is a pivotal aspect of this course, fostering skills applicable to filmmaking and screenwriting. The diverse film selection enables you to apply your knowledge to scriptwriting and gain a filmmaker's perspective.

A Level Media.
A Level Media will provide you with knowledge and understanding of key aspects of the theoretical framework as an essential basis for analysing media products from a variety of forms. You will develop knowledge and understanding of key aspects of media industries, including the significance of ownership and funding, the role of regulation in global production, the impact of digitally convergent platforms and the effect of individual producers on media industries. In addition, you will study media audiences, the categorisation and construction of audiences, as well as how audiences use and respond to the media.

A Level English Literature
In English Literature, embark on a journey through diverse texts across centuries and genres, honing critical thinking, analytical, and writing skills. Dive into canonical works from Shakespearean drama to modernist pieces, engaging with literary theory and criticism. Explore how literature reflects cultural and philosophical shifts, shaping and challenging societal norms and values.

To study the Creative Pathway you will need to have 5 GCSEs at Grade 5 or above.

This pathway lasts for 2 years. Starting in September 2024, you will study 4 days per week at our Boston College Sixth Building, on our Boston Campus (Rochford).

The Creative A Level Pathway is free, if you are under the age of 19 on 31 August of the year you start the course.

Each one of the three A Levels that make up the Creative Pathway is assessed individually:

  • A Level Film: You will sit 2 formal examinations. There will also be a coursework assignment that makes up 30% of your final grade
  • A Level Media: You will sit 2 formal examinations. There will also be a coursework assignment that makes up 30% of your final grade
  • A Level English Literature: You will sit 2 formal examinations. There will also be a coursework assignment that makes up 20% of your final grade

A creative pathway through A-levels in Film, Media, and English Literature opens doors to a spectrum of captivating careers where storytelling and communication shine. You might find yourself crafting compelling narratives as screenwriters, weaving tales for films, TV shows, or even video games. Those drawn to the visual aspect might flourish as film directors, bringing scripts to life with their unique vision.

For the visually inclined, a path as a cinematographer beckons, framing scenes with artistry and technical finesse. Media production managers orchestrate the behind-the-scenes magic, ensuring the seamless execution of projects from conception to delivery.

Beyond traditional media, content creators thrive in the digital realm, producing engaging videos, podcasts, or written content for online platforms. Advertising creatives conceptualise campaigns that captivate audiences, blending art and persuasion.

Each of these subjects embraces the power of storytelling and the nuanced understanding of media, offering fulfilling avenues for those on a creative journey.

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