Communications and Journalism A Level Pathway

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    September 2024


Are you passionate about uncovering truth, shaping public opinion, and making a real impact? Dive into the dynamic world of Journalism and communication with our comprehensive A Level pathway.

During this 2 year A Level stream, you will study a combination of 3 A Levels giving you a comprehensive foundation for pursuing a career in communications or journalism.

  • Investigate the roots of societal issues with A Level History, gaining valuable context for today's news stories
  • Analyse media landscapes and develop critical thinking skills with A Level Media, mastering the art of communication in the digital age
  • Understand the mechanisms of power and governance through A Level Politics, essential for navigating political reporting and analysis

By studying the Communication and Journalism A Level Stream, you develop strong analytical, research, and communication skills, enabling you to critically evaluate information, engage with diverse perspectives, and effectively communicate your ideas across various media platforms. This pathway prepares students to thrive in the dynamic and rapidly evolving fields of media, politics, and journalism.

What will I do?

A Level History.
A Level History begins with an in-depth look at the course of modern German history. Starting with the birth of the German Empire, you will examine the timeline of German history up to the division of Germany after the 2nd World War. You will examine the political, economic, social and foreign relations that helped to define a powerhouse of modern Europe. After this, you will move on to looking at the landscape of Britain from the end of World War 2 through to the present day. You will dive into the political turmoil of Britain, examining the fundamental social and economic shifts that have helped define Britain’s place in the world today.

A Level Politics.
In A Level Politics you will study UK Politics (Democracy, participation, political parties, electoral systems, voting behaviour and the media) Core Political Ideas (Conservatism, Liberalism and Socialism), UK Government (the constitution, Parliament, the Prime Minister and Executive, and relations between the different branches of government), Non-Core Political Ideas and Global Politics (globalisation, political and economic governance, human rights and environmental governance, power, regionalism and comparative developments.

A Level Media.
A Level Media will provide you with knowledge and understanding of key aspects of the theoretical framework as an essential basis for analysing media products from a variety of forms. You will develop knowledge and understanding of key aspects of media industries, including the significance of ownership and funding, the role of regulation in global production, the impact of digitally convergent platforms and the effect of individual producers on media industries. In addition, you will study media audiences, the categorisation and construction of audiences, as well as how audiences use and respond to the media.

To study the Communication and Journalism Pathway you will need to have 5 GCSEs at Grade 5 or above.

This pathway lasts for 2 years. Starting in September 2024, you will study 4 days per week at our Boston College Sixth Building, on our Boston Campus (Rochford)

The A Level Pathway for Communication and Journalism is free, if you are under the age of 19 on 31 August of the year you start the course.

Each one of the three A Levels that make up the Communication and Journalism Pathway is assessed individually:

  • A Level History: You will sit 2 formal examinations. There will also be a coursework assignment that makes up 20% of your final grade
  • A Level Politics: You will sit 3 formal examinations
  • A Level Media: You will sit 2 formal examinations. There will also be a coursework assignment that makes up 30% of your final grade

Successful completion of the Communication and Journalism A Level Pathway will give you the skills and knowledge to progress on the next step of your academic journey. This can be in Higher Education, in the form of a Degree level course or apprenticeship, or directly into employment in your chosen career.

Completing this A Level stream opens a variety of career opportunities in the dynamic field of media, public relations, and beyond. Armed with a deep understanding of political systems and historical contexts, coupled with media literacy, you could embark on careers such as investigative journalism, public affairs or broadcast journalism amongst many others.

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