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A robust legal system is the foundation of a fair society. If you feel strongly about concepts like justice and equality then this course could be very rewarding for you. You might see yourself as a potential barrister, a solicitor, legal executive or legal secretary.

We’ve designed the course to be interesting. Students have told us that some of the most engaging topics include procedures in the criminal courts, the work of lawyers and barristers, the offences of murder, manslaughter, theft, fraud and concepts such as justice and morality.

What will I do?

During the two years of A Level Law, you will study the UK legal system, criminal law , law making and the Law of Tort before progressing to contract law and human rights laws later in the course.

In class, learning is focused on active use of your skills. You’ll be challenged to research, remember and use your learning in class. That can be done in a variety of ways, sometimes you’ll be asked to write an essay, sometimes you’ll be asked to complete a quiz in teams and sometimes you’ll even be asked to create memorable poster/rap/poem to aid in your understanding. The aim is to get you to grips with the materials in a fun and efficient way.

In addition to your course, you may also study either Functional Skills or GCSE English and Maths, dependent on your current GCSE grade.

The entry qualifications for the A level in Law are five GCSEs at grade 5 or above (Old GCSE grade C or above) including English Language and Literature at grade 6 or above (Old GCSE grade B or above) or equivalent.

The A level in Law will take two years to complete. You will study at college for a minimum of four days a week.

The A level in Law is free if you are under the age of 19 on 31 August of the year you start the course.

If you are aged 19+, this course will cost: £1987.

If you are aged 19-23, fee remission may apply depending on personal circumstances, please enquire with the Registry Department for further information on 01205 365701 or email your query to

Aged 19+?
If you are aged 19 years or over on the first day of your course, you may qualify for an Advanced Learner Loan to help with your College fees. If you progress to employment you won't have to pay anything back until you’re earning £25,000 per year. Your household income isn't taken into account and there's no credit check. Your eligibility depends on your course, nationality, and age. To find out more contact the College Information Line on 01205 313218.

Fees may vary depending on personal circumstances, please enquire for further information.

Please note that all fees are subject to change.

During the A level in Law you will sit a combined total of five exams.

In year 1 you will be assessed through two written examinations, each worth 50% of the AS qualification.

Year 1 Paper 1
The Legal System and Criminal Law.

Year 1 Paper 2
Law Making and the Law of Tort.

In the second year, you will take three written examinations. Each A2 written paper accounts for 33.3% of your final mark A Level mark. Your AS grades do not contribute to your A Level grades, only the 3 final papers make up your A level exam results.

Year 2 Paper 1
The Legal System and Criminal Law.

Year 2 Paper 2
Law Making and the Law of Tort.

Year 2 Paper 3
The Nature of Law and the Law of Contract.

You will have a Personal Tutor to help guide and support your learning. Information on study skills and access to study support groups is available if required.

The A level in Law is a useful subject for those hoping to progress to a wide range of careers including Police, or the Public Services HNC/HND - including training as lawyers and other legal professionals.

Anybody who is aware of the difference between right and wrong, or between justice and injustice will enjoy learning about the law. Helping to protect the rights of individuals and companies has a great feel good factor. In addition, do not think the law is a fuddy-duddy business just for old men… you’ll meet lots of bright, ambitious people in the legal profession. People just like you! Many A Level Law students also study Business Studies, History, English, Psychology and Sociology.

An A level in Law will enhance your chances of being accepted into university, either to take a law degree, a social science or business degree, or any other course of study. Therefore, whether you want a career in the law, or in other areas like education, human resources, finance or business, A level Law can really open doors for you.

There are no specific costs but students may be asked to contribute towards educational visits and other activities.

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