Meet our Apprentices

Cameron Shooter

 What apprenticeship are you studying and what is your current job role?
I am currently studying AAT at Level 3, and my current job role is as a junior accountant at Dexter & Sharpe, a position I have held since June 2019.

Why did you choose to become an apprentice?
I chose to become an apprentice because I felt it was the best option for me. Knowing that I wanted to become an Accountant, I did not see any merit in going to university for four years, especially when the opportunity to work at Dexter & Sharpe arose.

Dexter & Sharpe have allowed me to gain valuable insight into various aspects of accountancy, including accounts preparation, VAT and bookkeeping, and audit work – experiences which simply would not have been available to me in a university classroom.

What have you learnt/achieved from being an apprentice?
In my apprenticeship I have learned how to conduct myself within a professional environment, gaining confidence in the process, as well as learning and building upon various accounting skills and concepts.

Dexter & Sharpe have been nothing short of incredible in terms of the opportunities and experiences they have provided me with to date, at times pushing me out of my comfort zone to aid me in my development and to try and help me realise my full potential. They have also given me a mentor who has been extremely patient throughout my apprenticeship, providing me with support and guidance every step of the way and has taught me everything that I know.

Additionally, I finished my first year of AAT with a distinction and overall score of 96%, which is largely thanks to the support given to me by my tutor at the College and the backing the firm has given me.

What are your plans once you have completed your apprenticeship?
After finishing my apprenticeship, I intend to study for ACCA, a Master’s degree equivalent qualification, as well as learning and perfecting new skills at Dexter & Sharpe, with a view to hopefully progressing within the firm.

What would you say to others thinking of applying to become an apprentice?
I would say that being an apprentice is an incredible way to start a career, you gain experience in a workplace, learn how to work effectively within a team as well as being paid to become qualified in your field. It is a lot of hard work however, especially if you come straight out of school and straight into a workplace, you do not get nearly as much time off as you are used to! It is such a valuable, rewarding experience and being an apprentice is something I would recommend to anyone!

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