Weavers and Knitters

Weavers and knitters set up and operate hand and power operated looms and machines to weave fibre into fabrics and carpet, or to knit (by machine or by hand) garments and other articles from yarn.

Entry Reqirements

Level 2 NVQ; GCSE at grades A*-C

Typical Tasks

  • Hand knits garments and other items according to pattern.
  • Cleans and oils machine and reports any mechanical faults.
  • Removes completed garments and lengths of fabric from machine.
  • Monitors machine operation to detect broken threads of yarn, the evenness of warp tension and the quality of output.
  • Places fibre and yarn packages on machine and draws them through appropriate guides and tensioners.
  • Sets controls to produce article of specified size and pattern.
  • Prepares machine for operation by setting input packages, feeding thread, fibre or yarn through guides, rollers, tensioners and conditioning devices, and securing to output packages, spools or cards.

Desired Skills

Learning Strategies, Reading Comprehension, Monitoring, Active Learning, Critical Thinking, Mathematics, Active Listening, Speaking, Science, Writing

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