Travel Agency Managers and Proprietors

Travel agency managers and proprietors plan, organise, direct and co-ordinate the resources and activities of travel agencies and booking offices.

Entry Reqirements

Level 2 NVQ; GCSE at grades A*-C

Typical Tasks

  • Determines financial, staffing, material and other short- and long-term needs.
  • Advises on currency and passport/visa regulations and any necessary health precautions needed.
  • Makes and confirms travel and accommodation bookings, arranges group holidays, tours and individual itineraries.
  • Discusses client.
  • Co-ordinates the activities of clerical, secretarial and other staff.
  • Plans work schedules and assigns tasks and responsibilities.

Desired Skills

Active Listening, Speaking, Monitoring, Critical Thinking, Reading Comprehension, Mathematics, Learning Strategies, Writing, Active Learning, Science

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