Textile Process Operatives

Job holders in this unit group operate machines to prepare natural and synthetic fibres for processing, spin and twist fibre into yarn, thread, twine, rope and other similar material, and estimate the quantities of colouring matter required for printing and dyeing fabrics.

Entry Reqirements

Level 2 NVQ; GCSE at grades A*-C

Typical Tasks

  • Cleans and oils machine, detects and reports mechanical faults to technicians.
  • Stretches, shrinks, brushes, dampens and presses fabric and shears or burns off protruding fabric fibres as required.
  • Examines colour cards or specifications, estimates quantity of colouring material needed to print or dye fibre and calculates and mixes ingredients accordingly.
  • Checks quality of completed material, marks any flaws and removes badly damaged sections.
  • Detects blockages, tangled thread, defective or broken material, and joins broken ends by hand or mechanical knotting.
  • Replenishes the supply of input fibres, removes and replaces full output packages, cards and spools.
  • Sets controls, starts machinery and monitors the passage of material processed.

Desired Skills

Learning Strategies, Monitoring, Active Learning, Critical Thinking, Active Listening, Reading Comprehension, Speaking, Writing, Science, Mathematics

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