Security Guards and Related Occupations

Workers in this unit group protect merchandise, individuals, hotels, offices, factories, public grounds and private estates from injury, theft or damage, and investigate fraud and crime on a non-statutory basis.

Entry Reqirements

Level 2 NVQ; GCSE at grades A*-C

Typical Tasks

  • Calls in civil police and gives evidence in court where necessary.
  • Receives duty sheet, time-clock and keys for premises to be visited, checks locks, doors, windows, etc. and reports any suspicious circumstances to security headquarters.
  • Checks persons and vehicles entering and leaving premises, establishes their credentials and arranges for escorts for visitors.
  • Monitors and patrols hotels, factories, offices and other premises, forests, parks, and public or private estates to prevent theft and unauthorised entry.
  • Walks or rides near person requiring protection, watches for suspicious occurrences and defends guarded person from attack.
  • Investigates crimes, trading practices and the private affairs of individuals.

Desired Skills

Monitoring, Critical Thinking, Reading Comprehension, Active Listening, Writing, Speaking, Active Learning, Learning Strategies, Mathematics, Science

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