Registered Mental Health Nurses

Registered mental health nurses support and care for people with a range of mental health conditions, in hospital and community settings, and help them towards recovery and management of their conditions.

Entry Reqirements

Honours, Bachelor's degree

Typical Tasks

  • Provides information to patients and their families about a patient's condition, how to manage it and possible treatments.
  • Works with other mental health professionals.
  • Administers drugs and gives other forms of treatment.
  • Monitors patient’s progress, encourages patients to participate in different therapies.
  • Participates in the preparation for physical and psychological treatment of patients with mental health conditions.
  • Provides day to day support for and, in some cases, physical care for patients with a variety of mental health conditions.

Desired Skills

Active Listening, Speaking, Reading Comprehension, Critical Thinking, Monitoring, Writing, Active Learning, Learning Strategies, Mathematics, Science

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