Laboratory Technicians

Laboratory technicians carry out routine laboratory tests and checks and perform a variety of technical support functions requiring the application of established or prescribed procedures and techniques to assist scientists with their research, development, analysis and testing, and to verify the physical, chemical and other characteristics of materials and products.

Entry Reqirements

Level 4 NVQ; Intermediate, DipHE, DipFE

Typical Tasks

  • Keeps up to date with new technical developments.
  • Disposes of chemical and biological waste safely.
  • Maintains and rotates stock and supplies.
  • Records and collates data obtained from experimental work and documents all work carried out.
  • Operates and services specialised scientific equipment, undertakes prescribed measurements and analyses and ensures that sterile conditions necessary for some equipment are maintained.
  • Prepares organic and inorganic material for examination and stains and fixes slides for microscope work.
  • Sets up and assists with the construction and the development of scientific apparatus for experimental, demonstration or other purposes.

Desired Skills

Reading Comprehension, Active Learning, Science, Writing, Mathematics, Critical Thinking, Active Listening, Learning Strategies, Monitoring, Speaking

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