Inspectors of Standards and Regulations

Inspectors of standards and regulations undertake investigations and inspections to verify and ensure compliance with acts, regulations and other requirements in respect of: buildings; weights, measures and trade descriptions; the installation and safety of electrical, gas and water supplies and equipment; marine pollution, ships’ structures, equipment and accommodation; the treatment of animals; the operation of commercial vehicles; the welfare, health and safety in factories and all work sites subject to the provisions in the Factory Acts.

Entry Reqirements

Honours, Bachelor's degree

Typical Tasks

  • Prepares reports and recommendations on all inspections made and recommends legal action where necessary.
  • Undertakes other inspections including chemicals, drugs, flight operations, etc..
  • Visits premises where animals are kept, advises on animal care and investigates complaints.
  • Checks fishing licences and prevents illegal fishing.
  • Samples and tests river water, checks and advises on premises discharging effluent to prevent pollution.
  • Verifies the weight of commercial vehicles, checks driver.
  • Investigates industrial accidents or any complaints made by the public.
  • Draws attention to any irregularities or infringements of regulations and advises on ways of rectifying them.
  • Visits sites during construction and inspects completed installations of electricity, gas or water supply.
  • Inspects factories and other work sites to ensure adequate cleanliness, temperature, lighting and ventilation, checks for fire hazards and inspects storage and handling arrangements of dangerous materials.
  • Inspects measuring and similar equipment in factories and visits street traders, shops, garages and other premises to check scales, weights and measuring equipment.
  • Inspects building structures, facilities and sites to determine suitability for habitation, compliance with regulations and for insurance purposes.
  • Examines building plans to ensure compliance with local, statutory and other requirements.

Desired Skills

Reading Comprehension, Active Listening, Monitoring, Speaking, Writing, Active Learning, Critical Thinking, Mathematics, Learning Strategies, Science

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