Health professional n.e.c.

Job holders in this unit group perform a variety of other health-related professional occupations not elsewhere classified in MINOR GROUP 221: Health Professionals. They may work autonomously or in teams with other health workers.

Entry Reqirements

Entry is via a variety of relevant academic and/or professional qualifications.

Typical Education Level

Level 4-6

Typical Tasks

  • Provides expert technical and technological support in the delivery of critical care.
  • Provides high level support within surgical teams before, during and after surgery.
  • Operate heart-lung machines during surgical procedures.
  • Conducts medical education relevant to specialism and provides team leadership and supervision.
  • Diagnoses and treats patients with a variety of hearing-related problems.
  • Carries out a range of oral/dental treatments.
  • Provides prosthetic devices to patients and advises on rehabilitation.
  • Examines medical reports and assesses patient to determine the condition of muscles, nerves or joints in need of treatment.
  • Writes up patient's case notes and reports, maintains their records and manages caseload.
  • Plans and undertakes therapy to improve circulation, restore joint mobility, strengthen muscles and reduce pain.
  • Explains treatment to and instructs patient in posture and other exercises and adapts treatment as necessary.
  • Offers advice and education on how to avoid injury and promote patient.
  • Supervises physiotherapy assistants.
  • Monitors patient's progress and liaises with others concerned with the treatment and rehabilitation of patient, and refers patients requiring other specific medical attention.

Desired Skills

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