Financial manager or director

Financial managers and directors plan, organise, direct and co-ordinate financial information and advise on company financial policy.

Entry Reqirements

There are no pre-set entry standards, although entry is most common with a relevant degree or equivalent qualification. Professional qualifications are available and are required for certain posts.

Typical Education Level

Level 4-6

Typical Tasks

  • Participates in the formulation of strategic and long-term business plans, assesses the implications for the organisation financial mechanisms and oversees their implementation.
  • Plans external and internal audit programmes, arranges for the collection and analysis of accounting, budgetary and related information, and manages the company.
  • Determines staffing levels appropriate for accounting activities.
  • Assesses and advises on factors affecting business performance.

Desired Skills

Active Listening, Monitoring, Critical Thinking, Active Learning, Reading Comprehension, Writing, Mathematics, Speaking, Learning Strategies

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