Financial Institution Managers and Directors

Financial institution managers and directors plan, organise, direct and co-ordinate the activities and resources of banks, building societies, insurance companies and post offices.

Entry Reqirements

Honours, Bachelor's degree

Typical Tasks

  • Ensures compliance with the statutory regulatory framework.
  • Preparing general reports and briefs on more complex cases for senior management.
  • Promotes financial services, establishes contact with the local business community and professional firms.
  • Authorises loans and mortgages in accordance with bank or building society policy.
  • Verifies that accounting, recording and information storage and retrieval procedures are adhered to.
  • Plans, organises, directs and co-ordinates the activities of financial institutions.

Desired Skills

Monitoring, Active Learning, Learning Strategies, Active Listening, Critical Thinking, Speaking, Reading Comprehension, Writing, Mathematics, Science

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