Book-keepers, Payroll Managers and Wages Clerks

Book-keepers, payroll managers and wages clerks maintain and balance records of financial transactions, oversee the operation of payroll functions and calculate hours worked, wages due and other relevant contributions and deductions.

Entry Reqirements

Level 2 NVQ; GCSE at grades A*-C

Typical Tasks

  • Calculates costs and overheads and prepares analyses for management.
  • Compiles schedules and distributes or arranges distribution of wages and salaries.
  • Processes holiday, sick and maternity pay and travel and subsistence expenses.
  • Calculates and records hours worked, wages due, deductions and voluntary contributions.
  • Supervises payroll team and develops payroll systems and procedures.
  • Prepares provisional balances and reconciles these with appropriate accounts.
  • Records and checks accuracy of daily financial transactions.

Desired Skills

Active Listening, Reading Comprehension, Critical Thinking, Speaking, Learning Strategies, Writing, Mathematics, Active Learning, Monitoring, Science

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